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Hi Tyler, I am Sophia from Australia. I have been listening to your podcast for over a year and I want to appreciate all the work you have done, your voice wakes me up almost every morning and a lot of time I fall asleep again after that. Hahaha... I really like the positive energy you delivered. I want to ask how to get the dialogue or subtitles of your episode.s I want to read out sometimes. I think it will help me to have a better day. Thanks again.


Hi. I’ve just subscribed your podcast after seeing you in Momentum. Today is the first day I’m listening to your podcast and I’m thrilled and really feeling awesome after first 17 minutes of the first episodes. Thanks for your effort in making people more positive and energetic. My question is what is the strategy to be consistent on anything, what is the back up plan for handling crisis as life is always a rollercoaster and how you manage to get back on track after a break of routine that happens often in our life? In my cases I always struggle to get back on track even after the crisis is over.

What life is to offer

Hi Tyler Good Morning. It’s been 36 days since I’ve been listening to your podcast and I’ve become obsessed with it. And in most of the cases you are creating the exact context of my life and it is so real and relevant. Thanks for the effort to make us feel better and win the day. My today’s question is how to focus on our purpose, goal and ambition and never distract ourselves in this ocean of distractions? I have got the answered in piece meal of your podcast but if you can answer in one podcast. Thank you very much. Have a great day.

Relationship breakdown

do you have any episodes on this topic

Anger Management

Hi, I hope you're doing great and in good health. I'm looking for anything relevant you have ever done on anger management and something that addresses the tension, arguments, stress, disputes, and to some extent quarrels, yelling, and shouting in our very close relationships and the post-impact on our minds and how to handle such situation pre and postcondition. I think it happens to everyone's life and most importantly we feel extreme agony after a while and realize our fault and regret about the event. I am looking for something relevant that help us improve as an individual not to avoid this situation as this is part of life but how to handle it better so that our relationships will be more engaged and assertive.